Award Winning

The Art of Henry Spencer

It has been my goal for more than 40 years in the art of Chasing and Repousse to constantly refine my understanding of the infinite light reflecting effects texture and surface planes have on a precious metal. It is only natural for any artist’s body of work, in forty years’ time, to express an affinity toward certain design forms and motifs. However, even when a piece is created through the inspiration of past work, each new piece on my bench is unique, representing not just applied knowledge and experience but also an opportunity to discover and explore new subtle surface finishes via my constant attempts at flawless execution.

Impeccable Design

Chasing’s advantage allows one to get deeper into the reflective qualities of metal while opening an amazingly broad scope for design exploration, more so than any other direct-to-metal technique I am aware of. The single greatest disadvantage to chasing is time. The amount of time needed to achieve a good piece is extensive with each piece representing substantial commitments of energy and creativity.

If you do understand that rarity and excellence are predictors of value, the price I need to apply to my work becomes understandable, for, not only is each piece the only one in the world, but the time required for each individual effort means the overall number of pieces I will get the chance to complete in my lifetime is limited.

It is with the greatest pleasure that I offer my work to you. I hope you will contact me to discuss adding my work to your collection from work currently available. While I do not custom design work I will always consider informing customers of my latest piece and I can be influenced towards making one form of jewelry or object over another through serious inquiry. Individual classes can also be discussed.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.