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22k Earrings


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22k french backs, approx. 1.5 inches long. Long Design Earrings

In their execution I achieved in these earrings a particular feel I have been looking for years. The way the volume falls and curves under from the center of the design to its edges imparts a sense of solidity, a bit of gravitas or weight of expression that attracts my effort. As far as the design goes, I have always loved long earrings and this perimeter shape and pattern is about as archaic as human design form can be.

Technically these earring where a true challenge as keeping their weight down required that the work be done in metal thin enough that it actually responds differently than the usual stock thicknesses I work with. There is absolutely zero room for making mistakes. Mirror matching is pretty darn good, structural concerns arising from thinness of stock have all been addressed. I am proud of this work.