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2nd Enigma Earrings (22K Gold)


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There are 2 aspects of these earrings that please me deeply. As weight is such an issue with earrings I have to work very thin gold. Gaining the ability to create edges all along the piece whether a straight wall or a rounded under curving lends acceptable structural value.

My particular artistic goal was balance of line and reflection within the opening perimeter. The ending divisions and reflective decisions evolved as I worked, not planned ahead of time. They strike me as beautiful.

Hindsight: I can see the beginning of my future work with tapering points in designs. It was during this period of work that I finally discovered certain preferences for gold’s reflective gifts. The finish on these earrings is as perfect as I can make it and as pleasing as I could want.

The single greatest problem with earrings is the amount of time it takes to make a pair. Not only do they take as long as making two individual pendants additional time is required to constantly align the ‘pair’ quality between them.