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5 Petal Flower Pendant with Deep Inset Pearl (22K Gold)


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This came out a very sweet little piece. Writing about it now with a little bit of hindsight I can see the first indication of certain stronger surface finishes I am now exploring in my latest work. The Chasing work is really good. The gradation of surface reflective textures radiating out from the center accentuates the depressed center of the pendant. The bright finish on the stamen is interesting. Their placement and finish changed the entire feeling of the piece bring out a strong tip of the hat to fine gold work from the 1950’s and 60’s.

Once again I worked right to the edge of the original piece of stock. The effect of shifting the center of the flower away from the center of the original volume worked well. The treatment of the separation of flower from background is spot on, and the treatment of the outside edge is well done representing what is now a standard technique in almost all of my more complex work.

The pearl is perfect. The apricot tone sits wonderfully in reflected gold light.