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Fugue in Gold Necklace (22K Gold)


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An expression of light’s reflection upon evolving surfaces within a repetitive shape.

The driver of this piece is its inherent restriction. Being artistically confined for so many hours at my bench reveals the deep effect any shift of line, contour or surface texture can have upon limits. The pieces run in order of execution clockwise from the clasp with the central pendant coming last. As I think about his now I wonder what would have happened if I had started out going in the other direction.

The effect of the entire necklace is striking, its sheer scale impresses and draws the eye. And it’s here where mystery enters for nowhere in the entire piece is there an identifiable object, only the suggestion of shape creating interest. As a piece of highly chased gold jewelry it is impressive. As a representation of my artistic hand it is informative. When it is worn, it is beautiful.