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Imperial Floral Bracelet (22K Gold & Fine Silver)


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On an asthetic level this piece comes across as rather ‘Regal’. There is something rich about it that makes it work. I worried about the overall cohesion of the design. The Chasing of the floral elements is very good. I am particularly pleased with the height of the flowers above the background and I am very pleased with the leaf effect seperating those flowers, but there is a little tension between the two elements. If there is anything about this piece that is weak it is the ‘strength’ of the flowers opposed to the ‘softness’ of the leaf motif. I had not intended to use stones when I started but their use became essencial as the piece progressed. I am glad I took the time to use the stones, they tied everything togther very well by adding an underlying feeling of richness. In someways the stones become, if not dominant, at least central to the whole piece. They are not just stones for the sake of using stones

This bracelet is a good strong example of the progression of my work from piece to piece. It contains some very traditional effects as well as use of new Chasing techniques I have learned and continue to develop. The introduction of precious stones in my work is something I have been planning for a some time and their use here actually succeded in making this bracelet work on an asthetic level.

The basic smithing is good: the folding over of the fine silver edge came out very well and was accomplished as a piece of simple work rather than a challenge. The stone settings came out very well. I might have been able to use 4mm stones instead of 3.5 which would give the stones a little more play but I thought the stones might then overshadow the flowers.

The original metal stock was 180mm and I used all but a shaving of it in the completed piece. This made for a large-ish woman’s bracelet or a small-ish man’s.