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Large Sun Burst Pendant (22K Gold with 6mm Fine Red Tourmaline)


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This is an early piece of my work in gold. The chasing in the piece represents a mastery of control limited only by issues of volume. As a piece of my work it still stands as a piece I am completely satisfied with.

There is also the advantage of the patination gained by having been made more than a couple of years ago. 22K gains a remarkable reddish effect over time. That effect adds a deep beauty.

This piece shows the hight of my work prior to meeting with Ford Hallan and the Japanese concepts he showed me. The chasing is very close to perfect throughout the piece. The distinct sharp separation between design elements is indicative of all my better work. The pallet of textural finishes is also representative of my best work at the time. This is a fairly heavy piece of gold work as it is fully backed and the pendant itself is made form 22k gauge metal. It still remains one of my favorite pieces due to both its execution and its strength.