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Repousse and Chasing Pin (22K Gold)


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I do have internal categories for those pieces I complete. This one positively defines my Jazz category.

The shape of the piece is the melody, each segmented area within its boundaries are the vibrations, the blending of finishes melds them and the movement of light’s reflection makes it music.

But this piece is a little more. It holds a place in my body of work of importance. I have made many pieces that fall within the Jazz grouping, they all represent an ease and felicity with known techniques; an absolute freedom of expression derived from one’s skills at hand. This pin displays particular skills I have been working at mastering for about two years. Reviewing the piece a few days after I finished it I realized that those techniques I had to work at have now fallen within that thoughtless skill set required for spontaneous creation. This is the first piece to display this.