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Sinuous Line Bracelet (22K Gold with Sterling Silver)


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This is the bracelet that received second place in the 2017 Saul Bell Award Jewelry Competition. For me it represents the first piece in which I applied intentional control of new chasing techniques I picked up from Ford Hallan. There is almost no repousse work it the piece. Rather I started out with significant cross section curve and then chased the volume from the edges into the center line. This process flattens out the curve. It was a real trick to maintain levels throughout the piece.

The workmanship is 100% but what impresses me the most is the simple beauty of the lines within the piece. I was very pleased when it was accepted in the competition and happy to garner second place. Most of the work submitted to the competition was highly evolved complex tool intensive jewelry. That this piece stood out verifies my belief that its simple beauty is what makes it special.