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Small Sterling Silver Box


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Approx. 1.5 by 1.3 inches. This is an interesting form, with no real bottom to the piece. I have a feeling that breaking away from the stricture of the resting stability of a box will lead to at least a couple more pieces exploring this avenue for design.

The more floral aspect in the center of the ‘top’ of the box represents my newest thoughts and efforts in structural separation of design elements. How far can I push the metal? In this piece I was able to push it up to the point where no tool I owned could take it further. The high gloss segmentation around the outside edge with the raised stamen add a tremendous visual display of light.

The domed section of the box is pure me. The introduction of much harsher surface treatments does seem to be where I am heading these days. I thoroughly enjoy creating the effects achieved and can say in complete honesty that not a single final tool mark is random or un-considered.

As much as visual impact I consider how a box feels in the hand, its haptic quality. The combination of the size, shape and textures makes this box a delight to simply hold. It visual impact does arouse aesthetic reaction. I am very happy with this piece.